A Bad TV Dad, Is Better Than The One I Had!

A Bad TV Dad, Is Better Than The One i Had...... This Bad TV Dad, is a step up from the Dad I had, because he is right on that screen, and emotionally available! He isn't there to judge you, he isn't there to demean. He isn't un-available, he isn't gonna talk you down. This... Continue Reading →

Racist Instigators, I see What Your Doing

Racist Instigators, i see what your doing, the ruse your insuing, the blame-shame-game, in which you defame a people. You are cat, and mousing everyone by stringing along over-generalised wrongs on both sides, to either side, you propaganda mudd slide us all down into the mudd pool of mindless drone pontificating. Setting up divisions, highlighting... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blocking, UnBoxing

Facebox, I got your zucky birthday gift early, and it smells rank, like the toxic fumes coming from your dripping slimey face.       Your fake smile fools no one, we know you are a slithering double dealing snake of disgrace, selling our information like a bad friend spreads rumors about our personal secrets!... Continue Reading →

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