DC COMICS, is Voodoo Cursed?! By Shango!?

Straight from the Hall of Heros in the DC universe, they have decided to honor a BLACK THUNDER GOD, clearly in rivalry to Thor, which I Loki approve of but... maybe they did something wrong *maybe they forgot his crown, he is a king* because this great Warrior King of strategy is not blessing them!... Continue Reading →

Digital Altar for Baron Samedi

Another friend of ours who likes to party on Saturday, we have the Saturday party king,.... Baron Samedi Page issues For other uses, see Baron Samedi (disambiguation). Baron Samedi (English: Baron Saturday) also written Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi, is one of the loa of Haitian Vodou. Samedi is a loa of the dead, along with Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetière, Baron La... Continue Reading →

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