A Viking Christ

How could there be Viking Christ? Well I would say it is easy as accepting that *Anointed One = Christ*, then the Viking  AO is positioned to bring back a modernised version of the Old Saxon Tribal Ways, who is also a representative of a Father/King God (An Archetype), and the Christ must be honorable... Continue Reading →

If Modern Vikings Were Real

This article title may imply we do not think modern Vikings are real,  we are not truly implying that but rather we challanging Modern Vikings to become more real. How can modern Vikings be more real?                                       ... Continue Reading →

Pagans & Witches Are The New Sexy

In the early 90s we had the witch hunters of Salem, MA  rolling in their graves because we had movies like The Craft, and bands like Marilyn Manson, selling up modern witchy girl glamour; and spooky metrosexual guy fashions to the Pop Culture Worshipping Western World Teenie Bopers! Mostly they recruited our rebellious teen angsty... Continue Reading →

Take everything you know of Vikings, & then project them into a spiritual realm, of metaphysical ideals. All the greatest battles occur in our collective spirit realms, and within those metaphysical places, you battle with your eternal soul! So we surmise, there is no exploration, or battle greater than the one into the mysterious Spirit... Continue Reading →

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