My mask is scared Like My Soul

My mask is scared, like my soul, when i think I've hit rock bottom, futher extends the rabbit hole, a bottomless well of things not swell. My survival seems loosely bound on the contract of beyond the pale, in so much that my pain tolerance is unbelievably high, and it's not withstanding of any well... Continue Reading →

Robots Will Be The New Bosses! To End Discrimination!

We The Sons Of Saturn

Everyone cries discrimination and everybody points at everybody else in blaming- criticizing-criminalization. We have become a separatist-polarized-nation, and a self-mocking-character assassination mutilation machine of me-me-me, and it’s past time for a new machine! Now we can finally usher in our non-sexist, non-biased, non-bribeable, non-xenophobic, non-bigoted, new bosses, CEO’s, and World Leaders!! The Binary-Boss-Bot’s will not need any luxury items, nor will they operate with sexism or greed! Bottom line they will bring Optimum service, and Prime Leadership for all the peoples of the world fairly, androbot-boss guaranteed!

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I Am Better Left Alone?

Mrs. Barbra Benefactor addresses you with 100% confidence, she knows what is best for you personally. She has made it her job after all, so she starts off with flattery, "You're just great on your own, you can do it all on your own, and i can tell you just how to do that, with... Continue Reading →

Racist Instigators, I see What Your Doing

Racist Instigators, i see what your doing, the ruse your insuing, the blame-shame-game, in which you defame a people. You are cat, and mousing everyone by stringing along over-generalised wrongs on both sides, to either side, you propaganda mudd slide us all down into the mudd pool of mindless drone pontificating. Setting up divisions, highlighting... Continue Reading →

Hello Redding The…

"Hello Mister Redding how are you? " Everything is still fussy and it's like you're coming to waking up after a big smack on the head, and passing out. "The pain of waking is Lovely affirmation of a life isn't it?"  A horned crown deity starts to come into focus, he takes a dramatic pause... Continue Reading →

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