Is Matriarchy equal to Patriarchy?

*Written as, Gunther Hatchet* Well if you were to ask me, I would say I prefer matriarchy, but I have a good Queen Mum in my life. Not everyone has such an excellent, wonderful, wise immaculate, prestigious, pronounced wonder of the universe taking charge, providing, & making things fall inline perfectly. Certainly both matriarchies, and... Continue Reading →

From Transgender to Next Generation Tranz Sanz Reality!

¬†#Sardonic Article by, Gunther Hatchet, YOU say potato, i say 2 way CB radio, to Lilliputians who love, and worship tater tots! At the end of the day whose reality counts? I'll tell you whose reality counts, the person who screams the loudest! I have a wide experience of knowing what is right from living... Continue Reading →

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