I Am Better Left Alone?

Mrs. Barbra Benefactor addresses you with 100% confidence, she knows what is best for you personally. She has made it her job after all, so she starts off with flattery, "You're just great on your own, you can do it all on your own, and i can tell you just how to do that, with... Continue Reading →

Racist Instigators, I see What Your Doing

Racist Instigators, i see what your doing, the ruse your insuing, the blame-shame-game, in which you defame a people. You are cat, and mousing everyone by stringing along over-generalised wrongs on both sides, to either side, you propaganda mudd slide us all down into the mudd pool of mindless drone pontificating. Setting up divisions, highlighting... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blocking, UnBoxing

Facebox, I got your zucky birthday gift early, and it smells rank, like the toxic fumes coming from your dripping slimey face.       Your fake smile fools no one, we know you are a slithering double dealing snake of disgrace, selling our information like a bad friend spreads rumors about our personal secrets!... Continue Reading →

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