Saturnism VS Satanism


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We The Sons Of Saturn

Have you ever wondered why Satan was just referred to as the Prince of Darkness not the king? Is it because the greater spiritual minds of the world knew very well that he is a Fall Guy *pun intended*, so if Satan is not the King of Darkness, who is the King of Darkness, Tim Curry? 841ef307e71c8c4d7ee2d50e999ad81aWell think about this, Hell is said to mean means God’s judgment, which is straight forward, and you cannot enter God’s kingdom without first passing through his judgment. Also think about El meaning God, Hallel being a name of a sun God, so it is no stretch of the language to say going to Hell is going to God, and God is Hell. Granted Hell is the rathful side of God in this vantage point, but didn’t we just loop the Sun God Jesus into this, because the son is also the father, in…

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Digital Altar for Baron Samedi

Another friend of ours who likes to party on Saturday, we have the Saturday party king,.... Baron Samedi Page issues For other uses, see Baron Samedi (disambiguation). Baron Samedi (English: Baron Saturday) also written Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi, is one of the loa of Haitian Vodou. Samedi is a loa of the dead, along with Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetière, Baron La... Continue Reading →

Pagans & Witches Are The New Sexy

In the early 90s we had the witch hunters of Salem, MA  rolling in their graves because we had movies like The Craft, and bands like Marilyn Manson, selling up modern witchy girl glamour; and spooky metrosexual guy fashions to the Pop Culture Worshipping Western World Teenie Bopers! Mostly they recruited our rebellious teen angsty... Continue Reading →

Saturday aka Saturn’sDay = Loki’sDay

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We The Sons Of Saturn


Before the day of the Sun, we have the day of the darksun Saturn, the other brother, the other son of the creator God, the lesser light, but greatest light in the darkness, Saturn aka Loki.          Jacob Grimm, in his 1835 treatise Teutonic Mythology, gives a solid explanation why Saturday is named essentially for Loki. While the other days are clear translations from the Roman days of the week into their Germanic pagan equivalents, Saturday does not fit the pattern. Every other weekday is named for a god or goddess from the Norse mythology: Sunday/Sol, Monday/Mani, Tuesday/Tyr, Wednesday/Odin, Thursday/Thor, and Friday/Freya. Grimm asserts that the Saturday does not retain the name of the Roman Saturn, but is named for Sæter (“insidiator” or “one who lies in ambush”), a name that he connects with Loki and suports with Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse sources.

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FB Owes You More!

Dear FB, We the POS, as in to say we the lesser reguarded imperfect general public, who often live paycheck to paycheck, and live under crippling student loan debts, even when we did everything society has told us we needed to do, some how we just scrape by, at best. We have turned to you... Continue Reading →

We can tottally endorse this kinda magic and we have nothing to rebuttal with. Hey, you gorgeous souls – have I ever told that I’m about 68% sure that our family is descended from some kind of witches? I’ve touched on it very lightly in my Hamilton West End Review, but my mother has a... Continue Reading →

In the reblog beneath our video, we are being congratulated left handedly for growing independent spiritual thinking, and turning people away from Churchology, which is the toxic pushy self motivated agenda of the elitist falsifying themselves as Christianity, but embracing anti-spiritualistic materialism through the Prosperity Doctrine (If you have wealth you are Gods people), Bigotry... Continue Reading →

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