Bully Gatekeepers & Their Tactics, G.Guidestone 3

(A Forever growing article)              Introductory Poetic Verse :                      Well hello unsuspecting reader, as to not throw you off the read, i will say this article is not like the rest, this article is like the best, because it is... Continue Reading →

Necro’Load’You’Ins, 2nd Prime Groggy Guide Stones, The Death You Load In You

We had left the car, but we were still there, because we drove the Necro'Load'You'Ins in us there, we could taste the imps, dancing on our tounges, and igniting our kisses. They were our new vehicle, a vehicle flying just above this conscience realm, into a place that sat above. A circus market of freaks... Continue Reading →

GGS, Poem, Modern Love Consumerism

That wasn't special, those weren't special, it wasn't special, I was not especially moved, I acted amused, because obviously, I get more worked worked up over hobbies, and social justice, than I get worked up over you! You remind me of so many people, but not because I want to think about you, but because... Continue Reading →

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