Vast Earth With Short Tales, Back From Hell

I am here on a feeder loop, and a phase shift. The globe here is half seen, and half unseen, this is no regular world, and it comes as no suprise that i am no regular God, as if there were any regular ones right? What is a feeder loop you may ask? Spirits feed, and they like to feeding on you, because you are just that sweet, and so was I. Any who, there is a feeder loop that catches souls either before, during, or after life. For example, you start off so very sweet, do remember being a baby, i imagine not, that is because they fed on you. “No”you say? Look back truely into your memories, feel the shadow fade, tell me it isn’t wrong, tell me it feels right. You won’t because you can’t, and they fed on you day as well as night, yes the most innocent versions of yourself, but how, because you’re linked to the forever,and now. Here on worlds like this, and yours,we are older, wiser, but mostly broken for our world’s ways. So i myself slipped through the vail, they let me out of Hell for my due dilligence, and being relatable, because I said, “i am not perfect, i am no prize, but i tried”, so they said hizzing, eyes full of red, the shadow snake people that they are, “be gone story teller, we like you dear sweet God be gone with you, and try to loose some of your sweet, or we will give you the same bitter tastes of the afterlife! For now on be real, know the deal, and tell those on your world. Let them know, no-one escapes Hell!”. I learned Hell meant the judgement of the creator God, i mutually colaborated with him to make this world Vasoboden, maybe you have met some of my creations? Spaceship Groggy, Elder Grogh, his scrolls, maybe you have drank some of the Loki Groggy drink, well in the end all of that is me, yes even the War Hog!  (Exerpt 1)

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