I Am Better Left Alone?

LeftAlone.pngMrs. Barbra Benefactor addresses you with 100% confidence, she knows what is best for you personally. She has made it her job after all, so she starts off with flattery, “You’re just great on your own, you can do it all on your own, and i can tell you just how to do that, with a little this, that, and a whole lot of listening to me!” that on it’s own comes off patronizingly, but the message keeps coming, the magazines, the blogs, and the big-black-box news on the TV. Your so strong they say, you can do it all on your own, and heroically!; but your pay check says differently, the land lord says differently, the utilities stare down people like you, and me saying “give me more, give me more, and praise be the lawrd of greed, give me more!”. How can i do this on my own? Everyone expects this of me supposedly!? That is where Barbra says she has a plan for me, just fall in line with her supporters who start with the companies that under pay you, then the companies that over charge you, then the people with more historic privledge credit than you, then when they get to you, you get a bill, because your amazing, your a hero, your so strong, you can support everyone else, and suck it up, because Barbra needs to be a Benefactor, don’t forget that factor, she gets a cut! So you do what you, and every hero has to do! Work 60 plus hours a week, roomie with several strangers, because you have no time to start a family, and minimize your friendships, to digital passing ships because, there are a whole lot of people like Mrs. Barbra Benefactor who are NEVER going without anything, and are counting on you to keep the pass the buck buffet going for them!

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