Racist Instigators, I see What Your Doing

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Racist Instigators, i see what your doing, the ruse your insuing, the blame-shame-game, in which you defame a people. You are cat, and mousing everyone by stringing along over-generalised wrongs on both sides, to either side, you propaganda mudd slide us all down into the mudd pool of mindless drone pontificating. Setting up divisions, highlighting differences, and diverting attention from similarities, like disturbed people who are displaced regardless of group identity, lash out irrationally in stressful circumstances, that is precisely why you the race war instigator, set up stressful situations, to get your little war of the different colored poor people to happen more, and more. It is bleak too say the least, and i am sick of the hate feast! You can keep your gluttoned bigotry to youself, i can’t stand no more.

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