Is Captain Marvel, Just Another Super Barbie?!

Is Captain Marvel Just Another, Super Barbie?

In the day and age, where white men are on The chopping block for dominating the politics of the past, and placing themselves on the top of the hierarchy. We seemed to have missed the fact we keep pushing the white blonde bombshell to the top as well.Screenshot_20180921-093239 (1).png It takes little to no searching skill to notice all the high profile blondes we put in the entertainmemt industry, including Captain Marvel who is set to dominate the MCU.  Screenshot_20180921-093239.pngWhen it takes no effort to see that She Hulk is the actual big bad female powerhouse of the (non hollywood agenda) Comic Marvel Universe! So why are we getting the Super Barbie? My answer, is because it takes white men to make white Blonde hair babies, and the powers that be like the sound of them baby making odds! Really tho, that isn’t such a far fetched idea, but here is one, as the video link explains it seems part of the process of bringing women up to fame encourages them to go blonde, but to represent what? Possibbly alchemy, in turning something less valuable to gold? What do you think?

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