Creepin Peepin Tom Has Hack Tapped Dat Phone’s A.S.S.S.O.

mybaseAbsolutely the sickest, slimiest, sexual offender of all history Uncle Samspam Slammy Subversion. He has slipped into your most vulnrable, vexing, vetted, quivering PM’s & DM’s. Soul invading he pours through you most impactful personal, poems, and passed on digital secrets notes, while you were sleeping at night! creepy-stalker_o_2523221He now flaunts all your inner most Sacred, safe, spaces, as pay per view hot spicey, discounted adult peep show novelties! 220px-Peep_Show_by_David_ShankboneThen he sells all your mapped out psychological preferance mind territory’s, to diabolical, deccoding mind hackers of distant lands, who have degrees in psychological warfare, maxresdefault (4)and for profit, propaganda, Phycopath machines on enemy state soils, seeing you as a number on the enemies roster, THAT MUST BE DELETED! image071Your whole life becomes a satistic, and a plaything for sociopaths, that you that perverbally sex traffic you with your intimacy walls tore down, for just 1200 cents a year,8in10-statistics when they think your life, is worth even less than that, but what more would you expect out of the Sickest, slimiest, sexual offenders in history!?hqdefault (3)

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