Birthday Blocking, UnBoxing

Screenshot_20180918-155427 (1).pngFacebox, I got your zucky birthday gift early, and it smells rank, like the toxic fumes coming from your dripping slimey face.




Your fake smile fools no one, we know you are a slithering double dealing snake of disgrace, selling our information like a bad friend spreads rumors about our personal secrets! Rumor-Mill-3You have been part of my life for so long, you must consider yourself family, and you got to do what every American family does shun their odd balls! All because you think they reflect bad on you, but what you really do is tell everyone you sell out close ones,  and family; making getting close to you as worthless as your false morals! I can hear you breaking into an epileptic fit of abusive Mind Games saying “I’m crazy and stupid” in a endless string of blurts but guess what it makes you look like?  I hope Alla this old sinner judging makes feel more like Yahweh, because it is your way or Hell’s highway, judge-420x270cause you cast your family into abusive pits of despair just like your forefathers did before you!




With patriarchy like you no wonder all your fellow man is going up in divisional self destructive flame! Your like Joseph Smith translating the prank Penny Copper Plates, into words from a hidden God who obviously is too good to talk to you!divining-rods Poor Moron-mens still believe,tumblr_inline_nu7v0nE8Js1qktv7n_540.png so go ahead give us your false commandments that burn with President Bush oil fields and convert horse flies, who bite deep in you carving out flesh 2 nest in your eyes for false sight in hazordous flights! bee-beard-man-covered-in-beesMay the eye of God which is swore-on looking at you, download (1)judge you & your unholy ring to bind us, fit for world drowning in liquid molten madness, and bitter unheard terrible tears for countless years, buried under the world that you tried to be above!main-qimg-a04cad8b5963ad31511bc93d2fc3d8e1-c

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