Being Single = Being Poor Or Homeless

original.jpgThe blog title is not an exaggeration, because single people in the USA who want to Escape homelessness, need to giveaway singleness to join a space sharing *non singular* roomie situation. I want to emphasize the fact if you are not standing on your own two feet alone with your solo income, you are not independently living, so therefore your singleness is an exaggeration. roommateYou share your bills with two, three, or  even four people in some scenarios. imageWhy do you give up your full privacy, just so you can claim that you’re not settling down for just any live in committed partner?b2465_chart11When you were in fact settling for a situation of living in an intimate Close Quarters environment with strangers that you met off Craigslist who you don’t even want to creepy intimate details about, new_girl_true_american_rules_featured_photo_galleryyes with people that you don’t even love, unless you’re lucky enough to have loving friends you live with, or family. Much like a partnership of golden era relationships seen in Norman Rockwell paintings, saturday-evening-post-cover-1958_09_13chart6you have synthesized a similar even less stable situation with strangers, to keep you financially stable because the cost of living is pie in the sky expensive,836461554-612x612 that means you can’t have anywhere non ghetto to live on your own. Before you assume I’m talking down to you, realize I’m in the same boat as you! I’m one of those people that roommates with others. If I had a double incone from teamwork, I could easily afford a nice house even in a snooty neighborhood, hell even in glitzy downtown Nashville, TN, but it would take 2 two locked down professional incomes, salary-need-to-afford-home-2018-8426because that is the going price for living in any good neighborhood within the country. Gentrification might slide that expence scale, depending where you go in the USA, also if your willing to live remotely like the Beverly Hillbillies, pre Beverly Hills, you can get the cost down; but alot of those people end up dating sheep, and when i mean sheep… nevermind baaahaabaahaa! Seriously tho, unless you downscale seriously one income keeps you living in some realm of destitution as a single person.  So all this makes me wonder why we make relationships so difficult, when it obviously can lift us out of our less desirable destitute living situations?… btw the guy in the video below is blaming a lot on single mothers, and feminism.. hands up I didn’t say it… it was him… I think we all play a part!

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