If Modern Vikings Were Real


    • This article title may imply we do not think modern Vikings are real,  we are not truly implying that but rather we challanging Modern Vikings to become more real. How can modern Vikings be more real?                                                           1# Tribalize in definitive clans, under a future Viking legacy, being built up for Viking honor.                                       2# Find ways to meet up giving ritual honoring to the Gods; with lots of Mead on tap, hot Viking Girls, showing off their Viking Kitties!


    #3 Decide what can be raided from the dishonorable folks of the world, and i vote we raid their religious power, which does not hold to Spiritual Viking inspective analytical attack! This is the highest battling & raiding we can do in our world, because belifes runs the world.                                                                         #4 Allign our selves to the highest, King God in power
        • Who honors our worship in a Father God, and I vote that is Saturn *Not Satan who has Christian negative spin*, who embodies a young Powerful King Father God.


           #5 Tell the old Vikimg clan tales, modernizing them to be applicable to our Modern day Vikings, and our challenges… like questing for the best all natural men’s beard oil hahaha!


#6 What do you think would make modern Vikings more real?….

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