Bully Gatekeepers & Their Tactics, G.Guidestone 3

(A Forever growing article)     giphy (2)         Introductory Poetic Verse :                      Well hello unsuspecting reader, as to not throw you off the read, i will say this article is not like the rest, this article is like the best, because it is different than the rest. But being different is hard, if you don’t believe me just ask yourself, because you chose to back off of every idea that you felt like the Gatekeeper’s of society, would knock you down over, even before you dreamed of saddling the golden horse of possible heroic triumph! Instead of independently charging onto adventures, your stuck in the mucky quicksand of self loathing misery, therefore you can only select from the order menu, of big box corprate affiliate, PC Gatekeeper approved,rjhs5ygosz0y chain department store personality flavors, that all stem from vanilla! So you try to pick the best one you can, but the faux self you pre ordered a month ago wasn’t in stock, then the one you ordered didn’t show up, then custom relations said it wouldn’t fit through the customs department of Polically Correct rub down searchs. george-carlin-11816So instead you went with what was easiest to Laxative Express Ship out, the Noob Boob Ass-end Economic Coat-tail Rider, Bitter Bot x2018 Personality best seller, just as it sold out of stock!…. dramatic pause…. So… this is no regular atricle… you get it….now onto the regular part of the Article!giphy (1)It seems quite dizzy to us that school yard bullying, has simply changed scripts a tad, and followed us to adult life! Now our bullies are Bad Cops, Middle Management, and a sea of online SJW Trolls! Can you ever get a break? No, no you can not, if you want to be out coexisting in the regular public square of life you will just have to learn to cope, and fight back! Well you have avoided as much conflict as possible in life, why can’t you keep playing the game of dodgeball trying to avoid the ball behind the bleachers? The main reason you can’t hide anymore is over population, raised competition, and we have a President that shows us by his example, that bullies go all the way to the top, and can win forever, and ever, and ever, forever, forever, and ever! Sd7AQsGgiphy (2) So i guess it is time to lay out strategies of how to make due with everything you are going to have to defend against. That sounds like a endless list doesn’t it, well it is, that is why this is a living breathing, interactive, ever growing article! Yes it is the literally weight of the world on our shoulders that we are feeling trying to butt cover this subject, but’ you can help with what ever strategies you come across as well to help cover our mutual butts! Our main strategy is to realize 4 things….One your abuser was abused before they abused you, with this knowledge in your back pocket you can face your bully as a half-hearted jerky psychotherapist, continuously asking them who hurt them first? Simply anything they say, you turn around asking them who said that to them first, who hurt them? Since they want to come off as strong, they defiantly will not handle someone pointing out their weakest fatal flaw in being a bully, so they will likey retreat back under the troll bridge they came from…if not! Numero dos, ignore anything they say to lower your confidence, understand hurting your confidence is their mission, SO DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY SAY, ONLY FOCUS on saying things that are bad about them in a reflection back on them, likely insults they throw at you have a counter reflection in how they feel about their own short comings, so don’t hold onto anything they say, at the end of the day they are trying to cover up thier flaws! Third point, and the holy trinity in our opinion, they will try to make you look like the bad guy, so turn around, and do the same thing back, point out how they are being a bad guy too! The fouth horseman of the defense against your self Apocalypse, bring 3 other horse men with you if possible, have strength in numbers, so don’t just walk around looking alone, and vulnrable; because that is when a bully likes to strike! OK enough of our play book, here is some others……… 

(How to Respond to an Adult Bully

Everyone hears stories about bullying in schools. Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t stop at graduation. Adults can be bullied, too. Whether it’s at work or at home, grown-ups have to face people who pick on them, tease them, and make their lives extremely difficult. Bullying can even occur on line and across social media. If you are an adult who is being bullied, there are some tactics you can use to stop this behavior…)  Read more https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.wikihow.com/Respond-to-an-Adult-Bully%3famp=1.

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