Stop Being Social Media Highly Available! It’s PATHETIC!

images (2).jpegSeriously by now we all should have learned what happens when we over post on social media, but in case you haven’t… I like many have learned the hard way! As I look back on it now, I string together all the women that I’ve dated, all saying that my being on social media compulsively was merely soliciting for other female’s attention. Well honestly what people say is usually in reverse, what they were really saying is that is how they use social media, to get attention from the opposite sex. Am I very surprised when i look back on it, no I am not!tenor (1).gif I learned long ago what a woman wants more than anything is your attention, and on social media they have male attention galore, non stop, like a wiener factory with the wiener production switch stuck on **hyper drive**! So when we are too active on social media, we cheapen our relationships with whoever we picked, because your “hey baby your looking nice, can i show you how i cook my hotdog?” is just a click away, because we are in Cesspool of needy attention-thefting booby traps! images (1).jpegMerely taking an active role on this hot dog teasing website, makes your partner figure that you are on the prowl. Worse then potentially looking like a philandering hotdog salesman,  you cheapen what it means to have your attention! Think about it in supply, and demmand… The attention you have to offer is ample, and always available or in high supply, therefore cheap, just like if frankenfuriter had an outlet factory! Also the high availabily is an impossible thing to keep up, if you ever want to have a life aside from forking over all your attention, and pork sausage! Having a digital record of yourself paying any attention to women for visially itemizing reasons, can hang you out to dry in the new ferociously toxic judgemental dating community! Without doubt anyone you come across is going to judge you worse than a drunk, straight from church Grannie old school Baptist, hyped on Ritalin! 101212-Legion-demonic-grandma.grid-6x2  So do you wanna look like your putting your pork product in ever one’s DM? Do you wanna encourage your partner to revenge stroll through the wiener factory with a short dress? IF NOT GET OFF THE DAMN HOG WAGON!

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