Pagans & Witches Are The New Sexy

In the early 90s we had the witch hunters of Salem, MA  rolling in their graves because we had movies like The Craft,tumblr_mgc24l1BKl1s1h2t6o1_500

and bands like Marilyn Manson, selling up modern witchy girl glamour; and spooky metrosexual guy fashions to the Pop Culture Worshipping Western World Teenie Bopers! hqdefault (2)origMostly they recruited our rebellious teen angsty heart throbs, who casted sexy mojo spells on us with secret suggestive sex magic knowledge, black bold eye catching makeup, with black pouty lips, and spellcasting black fingernails! Granted the men of these times wore about the same things, which was a score for metrosexuals, gender neutrals, and gay men alike. I am sure that confusion of sexy mystical metrosexual fashion caused many hetero sexual men to say “Dude I’m not gay or bi curious, but Rick has some enchanting powty DSL lips. I’m going to have to stay away from him they’re serving Bannanas for lunch!” bananawhen-your-dentist-tells-you-eating-a-banana-skin-whitens-12980241Well seasons flows swiftly, and fickley with fashion, so by the early 2000s the style had died out mostly just like a starved neglected Neopet.  It however was shortly replaced with emo fashion that had nothing to do with witchcraft whatsoever, except for the fact that it magically sold whiny vocal lyrics to impressionable teens with equally whiny thoughts like ” Brad never returned my call after I let him make finger love to me at Petco, this is the saddest day of my life, I’m going to die!” Sagly they did not die, they just grew up to be snowflakey SJW’s! Yet despite short attention span of a fashion Dory Fish, the Fashion God’s felt the need to use the current civil unrest, and the youth turning away from institutionalized force fed religion, to ressurect themselves!Screenshot_20180912-101155Screenshot_20180912-101518 Strategy has been different this time instead of using fickle pop culture norms they have turned people to the actual spell books, witchcraft stores, pagan blogs, Screenshot_20180912-102731Spelland DIY New Age medicine ” hey Becky can I use this healing essential oil on my butt plug” asked Ricky, after hooking up with his long-lost love from high school that secretly had a crush on him……                  My conclusion is there’s always going to be fakes in every group, but at least this generation is digging deeper into actual witchcraft instead of reciting Marilyn Manson three times in the mirror and cutting themselves hoping to get laid by Rick at the Marilyn Manson concert even though he’s only into boys.maxresdefault (2)

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