FB Owes You More!

IMG_20180906_133958_574Dear FB, We the POS, as in to say we the lesser reguarded imperfect general public, who often live paycheck to paycheck, and live under crippling student loan debts, even when we did everything society has told us we needed to do, some how we just scrape by, at best. We have turned to you FB, to sadly make us feel connected, to make us feel we had an outlet, to make us feel like people hear what we feel, then relate to our struggles, and we’re going to somehow make it all worth it in the end. Well as a matter of fact, FB made things worse. Yes you FB have recently been called out by various countries for all of the personal data you’ve been selling, yes you have become beyond all our wildest dreams, wealthy on the backs of We The General people of the world. With that in mind we may think that you FB owe us something because, we chose to share our lives with you, we let you into our lives, only to stab us in the back by allowing 3rd parties to buy, and auction off our private data.   

One of the most nafarious things you sold, was our political leanings, labeling that information, and selling it to propagandist that clearly have solicited us. These shady people have used nafarious methods to divide, and conquer. We are not more connected than ever, we are more divided than ever, and we have none other than you FB to thank for that. They have riled us up beyond belief, in dealings with shady individuals, who have deeply damaged our social lives, to advance their agenda, and grow your fat FB wallet!  All that out of the way, we obviously still share our lives with you FB but for how long? I’d say as long as you’re willing to make the effort to fix what you’ve allowed to go wrong, which we doubt that you will. I am gonna make a list here of possible fixes, that a future social media platform can offer us, because the youth already have decided FB is out dated, and now the 4th raked soical media outlet of people under 25, Screenshot_20180906-183603but i do digress, here is a personal list, and i hope all the *we the regular people* will join me in making a list, and writing you FB a personal letter!                                                                            #1 Have true freedom of speech, simply give people an option to unfollow things they dislike, the pc policing each other is clearly dividing us, you are wise enough to understand this, but your features encourage secret police actions among us (remind you of history any?), and if it was a true risk or dangerous, it deserves true police attention, not people dividing over reaction encouraging, secret police civil duress.                                                                           #2 Your post LIKE feature, studies have shown work like the addictive features built into slot machine’s.
FB understands this, but have induced social media addiction dependancy, and haven’t cared about the nervous disorders that have followed; or the life ruining depression, your features caused because maintaining the addictive dopamine levels, is impossible to maintain. So a mere suggestion, don’t keep a feature that hurts your users so much, and risk loosing our attentions a little bit, if that helps us be more healthy. So merely give someone the ability to check in on how many people who have viewed their post at best, and remove all judgemental addictive *LIKE* buttons in a effort to be slightly less toxic.                                                                                   #3 Remove hurdles of free flowing speech because, we do not care what your Analytics think we should see, because analytics are designed for you, and your solicitors’ advantages, of selling access to speak in our news feed. We want unrestriced free flow communications, with zero hoops to jump through, so we can have the true networking connection we were promised.                                                    #4 Encourgement to engage with the entire world, expanding our horizons. Instead of offering more and more local features, shrinking our worlds even more systemically increasing nationalistic thinking in us, and behaviors, that historically have caused mass genocide.

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