Disagreeableness Can Be Your Superpower

blogger-image-855259381The tenant of an adversarial stance, is to be opposite of another person’s view, not to become evil for opposing them, being disagreeable with someone in and of itself isn’t ever evil! One would think that goes without saying, but in the world of today it is hard to say if that is accepted as common knowledge anymore. Never the less, the checks, and balances of life requires us to be oppositional to things that do not serve our best intrest, like if you asked “would you like to have McDonald’s for lunch?” I would say “No i do not eat horse meat, cooked by rodeo clowns!”. So naturally we are adversaries to those who wish us to conform our thoughts, and actions to whatever serves them. However this kind of relinquish of decision making happens quickest in realms of ambivalence, over matters that do not inhibit you, or cause you pain. On the other hand, we defiantly do weight out many free thinking threats in our common world, and conform AGAINST our better intrest, if we feel there is a lesser of two evils in restricted decision making “Well one of these poloticians only screws the poor, and the other one screws the rich, as well as the poor. Well fuck the rich with a non tax exempt purple studded dildo, if i am gonna get screwed so are they!”. An ambivalent example of this, is like saying, “I didn’t get to decide where we were going to eat for lunch when we all voted, but when we got to McDonald’s, i still got to pick whatever i wanted to eat off the menu, a McCrap Nugget Delux” There is a strong sense of ambivalence here, because choosing were to eat, was evidently not  that dangerous, or deeply life altering, but what if the decision was over an abortion, you wanted to keep your baby, but your partner did not? Of course then it would be obvious, you can’t be ambivalent in this situation, and if you want to have your baby, be willing to make the adversarial decision, just say no to the person trying to get you to act so deeply against your self interest.  With this in mind we must be practiced in saying no, and being disagreeable, because when the time comes for a big disagreeable, “HELL NO BUDDY, you can’t put you finger up my butt, while dressed like Grimace, while playing big band music!” you are ready, to be disagreeable!

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