Standing Firm in a Pagan World — A Reblog -w/rebuttal

IMG_20180903_205310In the reblog beneath our video, we are being congratulated left handedly for growing independent spiritual thinking, and turning people away from Churchology, which is the toxic pushy self motivated agenda of the elitist falsifying themselves as Christianity, but embracing anti-spiritualistic materialism through the Prosperity Doctrine (If you have wealth you are Gods people), Bigotry (Hating other faiths), and telling you that you have to go through another man to speak to the Creator Gods. One of the greatest sins of Churchology is making a man go inside a man-made building to find the Gods, when he obviously should be looking out into the world of God’s creation, and meeting in God’s most devine gathering hall, which is out in nature! We should be actual spiritual people by making it our responsibility to care for the land we live on, as our holy place for worship. Give true homage to the creator God, and all the Gods, by gathering in nature, then picking up as your gospel in action, caring for the Earth is our POS church’s most holy form of a proper church services!

          ……………..NOW FOR OUR REBLOG………….

Adrian Rogers: Standing Firm in a Pagan World [#2456] We are moving away from a Christian consensus in America. Many people have come to believe that choice of one religious faith over another is irrelevant. And why do they say this? Because they say all religions teach the same basic lessons about life. Find […]

via VIDEO Standing Firm in a Pagan World — StopAndPrayTV

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