Contagious, Kindness & Hate

Strong emotion is contagious, if someone strong gut laughs, others in the room are likely to follow suite. If one person gets loud, and angry in traffic, a domino effect of others getting agry in traffic follows suite. One of the basic reasons for this is energy transference.
It is inherint, in the living social structured machine of society. We all work in the turning of wheels of society, so of course our momentum will drive other cog wheels in the system. The more wheels we have spinning in a coherent unified direction, the more effectivly we change our walking direction of this proverbial giant machine of social society.  With that in mind, we can make contageous good behavior by getting good emotional momentum in a positive direction. For this i suggest lifting others up in their dreams, and goals. You do not need to overly fake support others in their dreams, feeling obliterated to go above, and beyond showing up to every event or fund raiser. Rather than that, how about fiercely supporting small artists, as well as small businesses, in short generous busts to just to get the ball rolling? If the machine of society is already in a flow of bursting kindness, and generosity, that flow will naturally flow back to you, giving you momentum to your dreams, or goals. With that in mind here is our dream, and goal. 

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