The Body Typology of Trump

  1. (Written as if by, Frankie Jay Pizzo) Habits render effects on the body, like if your a short sighted dim wit you’ll walk into walls a lot, therefore you might have a stupid flat face.  Therefore we now have an example of  where science meets our spiritualism, that person’s spiritual fate, has a lot to do with a stupid flat face! I’ve done many studies. That in partially include fondling, looking people up, as well as down, in, and out; Then added it to Gypsy family knowledge, with an appendix of books like “How To Analyze People On Sight” for scientific backing; Has resulted in yours truly, FRANKIE JAY PIZZO, being able to read bodies.

body reading

Here is an example in a video, where i body analyse Trump’s doughie face!

With classic tarot readings, or palm readings, you stand the chance of gathering iffy information. For example, you get a hold of a medium that uses a dead soul of a happy go lucky schmuck, dead grandma rodeo circus clown, telling you goofy positive spins on your future, when you wanna know the STUPID POCK MARKED, UGLY FACE, BOTTOM LINE, NO FLUFF, TRUE FACTS, with harshly honest, and hard scientific backings! This is when you need a POS Body typology reading with bonus tarot reading, from a good ole Jersey Boy, with Gypsy family coming in your handy! Just shoot 25.00$ to Paypal then I will tell you as many kick to the nuts truths as you wanna hear in 30mins! giphy

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