The Bahpomet Statue is a Christian Yin Yang?

baphomet-pose-malachi-pius-x-pagan-jesus Throughout Christian art, you see Christ making the same hand gesture as the Bahpomet, and why? Simply for the fact most mystical, and truly spiritual people understand the balance of the light, and darkness is the highest form of universal order. As above, so below says we need both the above, and below to hold balance. Furthermore Christ in most depictions also has the burning heart symbol which is like unto our saying, love is the light in the darkness, and this symbol is also indicative, of most yin yang, balance deities. sacred bel or sacred heart.jpg.opt581x460o0,0s581x460273834dc566737aa1491d025d3828dc8--masonic-signs-true-religion NOW A QUOTE FROM ANOTHER ARTICLE on…. (The Fear of the Bahpomet is based on ignorance. Though the statue in question has been called “satanic” both by Oklahoma legislators and popular media (see a link here for an article about the making of the piece in various stages), the statue actually is of Baphomet, a pagan god that has been around far longer than the notion of satanism ever has. Baphomet actually represents a unifying force in the universe, bringing together both light and dark, good and evil, into a kind of cosmic balance. In this way, it’s not much different than the better-known yin-yang symbol from Buddhism.) Well there you have it, don’t be a goat racist, they aren’t all that baaaaaad!

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    1. Thank you, sadly now this blog & site has been flagged as “Malicious” by FB trolls, because evidently my religious belifes, and thoughts are MALICIOUS… Thanks for seeing my faithful voice is valid.

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