Is Matriarchy equal to Patriarchy?

Screenshot_20180829-143529*Written as, Gunther Hatchet* Well if you were to ask me, I would say I prefer matriarchy, but I have a good Queen Mum in my life. Not everyone has such an excellent, wonderful, wise immaculate, prestigious, pronounced wonder of the universe taking charge, providing, & making things fall inline perfectly. Certainly both matriarchies, and patriarchies find ways to take lead seemingly at any cost possible. The exaggerated ends of which, end in under age, minor brides, in both scenerios, because the greedy dominates take it too far, and want to control the most vulnrable partners possible. I obviously DON’T approve of such vile behaviors, ultimately  I SHOULD HOPE, someone wants a fully responsible partner who holds complete control of their faculties deciding whether they want to be domed or not. It is beyond unfair take a subordinate, that is too young to consent to anything, or that you can’t afford to fully support, or treat with a fair amount of respect, & dignity.

As you see in this video, my Queen gives me room to be a little wanker, but keeps athurity, as it should be there has to be some give in take, if it ISN’T fun, DON’T let them be your Queen! The video below shows authoritative women, taking their power into the bed room with minors who obviously are being taken advantage of. Bottom line, if you CAN’T lead partners of reasonable age to yourself, who are of minds to make adult decisions, then DON’T, you are not worthy of Queen status! 

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