From Transgender to Next Generation Tranz Sanz Reality!

Post Malone Cop 16082018103812 #Sardonic Article by, Gunther Hatchet, YOU say potato, i say 2 way CB radio, to Lilliputians who love, and worship tater tots! At the end of the day whose reality counts? I’ll tell you whose reality counts, the person who screams the loudest! I have a wide experience of knowing what is right from living in the basement of the Queen of Hearts, and remembering nothing before that! What I have found is the best way to get a scope on reality is to spend endless hours in your basement dungeon of your queen of choice, and troll through the internet, seeing what argument sticks! If people can be intimidated into thinking it may be true, that is the height of science, right there! So it goes to show reality itself is just a point of opinion, and that argumentative Statistics can not be argued with, when somebody refuses to listen! 


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