Have YOU become Toxiclly Judgemental? How does this apply to the POS Dating Game?


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As stated in the video, the mind is the Garden, and every thought it has is a seed. So do you keep toxic judgemental people near you, or are you the toxic judgemental person, who, and what are you planting in your thought garden? The environment we live in gives us behavior norms always. Even if you weren’t typically judging people everywhere you go, throwing blanket statements at everyone, and minimizing anyone who did not see eye to eye with you, doesn’t mean you can’t slip into that behavior. Typically people don’t become highly judgemental on their own accord, they come from abusive homes with passive aggressive abusive behavior, or active verbally abusive behavior, as a way to steer off the inner monologue, of self harming judgement, they turn those judgements to you. Often people carry their toxic behaviors, and damaged past into their social circles like dating, or work. These behaviors once seen as normal, can snowball, and have the “nobody wants to go to that place” effect. It may also cause people to become socially introverted as suggested in the video below.
So with this in mind, you may understand the hateful people on dating websites or online that you have no doubt encountered, they are projecting dammage where someone has overly criticized them, and they are avoiding the pain by dealing you their own fresh ball of toxic whiplash. Eventually toxic people in social scenes will completely tear down any community they are involved with over time, same as anyone who gets close, anyone they pull into their flock become the closest targets, and generally they get torn down all the way into a socially anxious mess before everything is over. So ergo, watch who you keep around, don’t  just become the next in the snowball effect of people being abused, because it keeps going in all circles, passing onto spouses, kids, and elderly abuse!

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