Dating Changes Your Religion/Faith? The POS Dating Game.

why-is-she-texting-you-who-is-she-that-guilty-3302465Can who you date change your morality, religion, or faith? Interesting question huh? There are lots of studies on the statistics of interfaith marriages, but if somebody doesn’t take their faith into consideration for their long-term partner, are they divided because their  ideas of morality could be very different, or does your faith matter as much as your preference of shoe brand, and you’ve totally misinterpreted the meaning of soul? My soul is a size 9′, and her’s is a size 5′ in ladies! Maybe you don’t even know enough about your religion to be claiming it in the first place? For example you may think Jesus was a white man, who couldn’t jump or swim, and that’s why he needed to be able to walk on water! (Wiki Definition, of Religion

synonyms: faithbeliefworshipcreedMore

a particular system of faith and worship.plural noun: religions”the world’s great religions”a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”consumerism is the new religion”)…..            So in the last point of this definition, we have a strong interest that the person ascribes being like unto a new religion. So is the mere presuit of a partner, whom affects your life deeply change your religion? It is no stretch of the definition of a religion to say any idea which powerfully affects your daily life decisions, is a faith, and possibly a God, cuz you certainly pay homage to the idea/person that has Supreme importance in your life. Now if you can swallow that *pill* of an idea… it’s maybe time to test your gag reflexes! Seriously though, peer pressure, and groupthink suggests, if your partner is in your group, then they surround themselves with people who agree with them, it is easy to make you change your mind, or change your religion, or make you pay homage to their belief systems traditions to fit in, now here’s a video on groupthink, and you tell me what you think?

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