GgS, Poem, Zim, Zer, Zee, did it to Me, & Zleeps Zoundly.

Zhe would never do that to me, not even after Zhe did it, now years later, suggesting Zhe ever did anything wrong it was Toxic, and made me sick, cause nothing could be zaid, without the sickening pain of PTZD. Sick, in the heart, zick in the mind, sick in the zoul. My family ties were all toxzick now, my former life waz toxic, my old friends were tozick, my old job was Toxic, home was toxic, there is nothing Zhe did not effect, there is no ground that Zhe did not zalt, there is no aspect zhe did not azsault, and Zhe even played victim. There is no thing you could say of Zer, that she might have done wrong, because zhe, was in that ear first, telling it, how horrible you were, in everyway, to cover Zer tracks, even before She exited saying Zhe, would never do any of that, as she did it all, before I could see, zhe did everything to hurt me, and zhe sleeps oddly well at night, as she knowz, Zhe deztroyed my life.Toxzick

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