GgS Poem, Your Just a Non-Consensual Pain Pig!

ZomboMeme 08082018143131I am just a pig, I am just a pig, sinisterly shove a gag in my mouth, the gag is soaked, seething, and bleeding, from the thing you’ve torn from my soul. It is still thumping and dumping, it is aching salty sour sizziling blood, pouring down my throat hole, not that you care or know… it’s just a heart of a pain pig, I deserve it, I earn it, for not being perfect, and I AM too sweet a meat not to torture, my suffering tastes too good! Pain pigs have no Jesus, pain pigs have no Zavior, or so I have been told, Pain pigs, have no mothers, no one suckled them as an innocent Zoul, Pain pigs have no fathers, they are bastard holes, holes to pour your hate into, and own no guilt; watching them scream, and cry, it all tastes of the numb dumb drug to you, and the intoxication leaves you so high off your lows your unable to even conceive empathy! We all know the only way to cook a pain pig, is with a never incinerating , eternal incarcerating communal contract, condemning that you’ll be the next one to be a pain pig! This world is pig eat pig, but head not, hear not, and drink the pain, swig, swig, piggy, pig,pig!

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