GGS, Poem, Modern Love Consumerism

mcdonalds-birthday-card-48-best-mcdonalds-party-images-on-pinterest-of-mcdonalds-birthday-card-1 (1)That wasn’t special, those weren’t special, it wasn’t special, I was not especially moved, I acted amused, because obviously, I get more worked worked up over hobbies, and social justice, than I get worked up over you! You remind me of so many people, but not because I want to think about you, but because you blend in so well! In fact you blend in so well, that you drown into the white noise of others, who say, and do the same things. The only bonus of having you in my life, is that you are easily interchanged, with a sea of others, if for some reason you don’t work out, no biggie. So forget about all the time, or tests, or efforts, or raising that bar high as the sky, that prize, is still a sleeping pill second rate, run of the mill, social safety first package deal, even with all the scarcity inflation on relationships, going around these days, I bought this deal on a empty stomach, and that can make a Mc Double even taste special… for just a few moments, then it is over processed shit, on a bun! Besides all that,who cares anymore, only you can make you happy right? Your happiness, is just a marker of friends likes, like what could you like more than likes, like you know, right?… That is funny, all this mattered more, before social media, but excuse me, I got a keyboard battle to fight, to swipe for rights, because I gotta put my passion somewhere important tonight, because we both know, you’re not!

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