1st Polishing Guidestone Of Loki Groggy “The For REAL, YEAH Yeahs”

(About The Loki Groggy Polishing Guide Stones)                                                                     Caring too much what other people think damns you.

One will literally put themselves in a damned state, by trapping their own soul in a prison of insanity inspections, and crimson critical  feedback crys.

This is one of the messages I received, while in my dream, of the electric feild stream.

It is too easy to be lost, it is too easy to fret, and it is too easy to lose your sense of self, in the opinion of others.

This darkness was luckily not a part of my dream, rather, I saw the world in a new light, it was more detailed, but somehow far more simpler, it was brighter, and somehow darker. All the words in our world, were replaced with coded, base idea grunts, and all conversations were replaced with squawking. The only comprehensible words uttered were “FOR real? YEAH yeah!”  – which sounded more like bird language, silly mindless birds. We were the birds, and the world was an overly intelligent one, housing us animals. Plant life was alive as much as, wild animals in the Amazon who were free in their own world, dancing in a spiritual wind.  Leaves were encrypted with some type of alien code. I had a friend with me in this vision, my friend was spotted the toxic holes. Then I truly knew what it meant to be HOLY. However, as my friend pointed out, the holes of the unholy were in our essence –we are all flawed. We are dying to live, while the universe flows through the spiritual level of our physical form, all the while trapping us in this game of life.

The game of life, as I understood it now, this is a spirit dream, is a false reality, and a trap. We were in an electric field, and every moment we let go of the shames of this reality, and its judgement the stronger we bacame. The holes in us, became breathing mouths, and they became solid, by taking in spiritual air. So my friend and I, gaining our strength, we left our safe place in this field to go face the masses in the next realm.


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