Our POS Core disiplines, Credo & our *POS Belief Video Playlist.*

1# Recognize the pagan community needs some basic congruity, and facilitate the coming together over positive similarities.                                                                                                 #2  Accept the core pattern of all fundamental faiths, realizing the strongest level of  positive white light magic is the Prime creator, that is manifested in the Father Spirit, Mother Spirit and the Sun.                                                                                                   #3 Be a positive addition to the worlds religions, with the temperament that we can handle purposely pointing out no one is perfect, including us, hence the sardonic self defamation of being We The POS.                                                                                                                   OUR CREDO: We the content makers, we the hustlers, we the 50 plus hour work week workers, we the go the extra mile drivers that keep your world delivering on time, deserve freedom of speech, and freedon of religion! Yes even when it offends you, the cry baby weak privledged few, who try to tell the rest of us what to do, and the bottom line truth is you need us, we don’t need you, because we know who’s doing all the work, and who keeps are our free worlds running! It is us we the POS, to say we the imperfect people willing to roll up our sleeves, and get dirty to get jobs done! So we the POS are willing to roll up our sleeves, and work however hard it is, to make things better again, for free thinkers, and Free Speech!    Loki-President-Trump-Marvel-Comic.jpg                                 That said, here are a plethora of videos in this YouTube play-list below & if any of it offends you, well hahaha tell us what was it… that you couldn’t bear? So feel free to contact us, in the menu section above, with your issues, but js we are likely to be out of tissues!PEDObear

BTW, some of the videos are things we obviously think are ridiculous, and are not part of our belifes. If you are unsure about any of this *put on some deodorant*kek, just ask us for clarification… so we can confuse you further, with a Yoda like answer hahaha!

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